Rain Rain Rain

Solemn and serene

It actually seems like nearly every day in April has either been rainy, or at least overcast, but I guess that’s a bit of an exaggeration. A bit. As Tom Skilling reported yesterday:

Rain-weary Chicagoans won’t find this hard to believe. April 2011 has produced 16 days of measurable rain—55 percent more than normal and the greatest number of measurably rainy April days here in the 50 years since 1961! A scan of Aprils back to 1871 indicates the opening 28 days of the month typically sees 11 measurable rains. “Measurable rain” is defined as any rainfall which reaches or exceeds 0.01-inch.

The month’s 4.56 inches of rain through Tuesday ranks as the 17th rainiest April in 140 years of records. While 124 have been drier, only 16 have been wetter.


Latest storm’s rain to “swipe” Chicago; heaviest totals expected east and south–but a flood watch posted for area rivers which are running near bankful

Heavy rains sweep northeastward into an area EAST of Chicago Wednesday. Lighter rains to the west will swipe the metro area from time to time with several tenths to as much as a half inch of rain at some locations. Flood watches have been hoisted for Chicago area river basins.


(click here to continue reading April’s produced the most measurable rain days in a half century; month ranks 17th wettest in 140 years! – Chicago Weather Center.)

Down at the Pawnshop

And today? Rain has been steady since I woke up, and doesn’t look like today will be sunny either.

Clarity of distress


Late update: didn’t realize quite how bad the weather is in the rest of the country. Puts things in perspective a little. I’ll take a few weeks of rain over massive flooding, tornados, or whatever else.

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