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Abyss of Intoxication
Abyss of Intoxication

Telling lies is apparently the Christian thing to do, witness how Newt Gingrich tells falsehood after falsehood, whipping up his supporters into a frenzy:

[Newt Gingrich] is always good at judging how far he can go with his crowds, and this one was clearly passionate about ending abortion. So he unpacked a series of mistruths about the subject that had the crowd of about 1,000 in the Aloma Church roaring, each more outlandish – and malign – than the last.

The judiciary, he said, is “totally out of control” and needs to be reined in. (The facts: even after three years of the Obama administration, Republican-appointed judges are a majority on the Supreme Court, the federal appeals courts, and the federal district courts.)

One of the reasons there are so many abortions in the United States, he said, is that the federal government funds Planned Parenthood. (In fact, as he knows full well, federal law already prohibits any of the $75 million or so the government gives to Planned Parenthood from being used for abortion. If he ever managed to cut off that money, it would mean an end to HIV screening, STD treatment and counseling, primarily for poor women – the real casualties of his thoughtless campaign.)

And finally, his most jaw-dropping whopper was on the subject of embryonic stem-cell research: One of the most promising avenues of treatment for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and spinal cord injuries. (Just a few days ago, there was a report that the cells seemed to be effective against macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.)

Mr. Gingrich not only told the church audience that he would eliminate all funding for this research, because it can lead to the destruction of human embryos, but he went one vicious step further. (This maneuver, where he really has an angry head of steam worked up, is well known to his regular listeners.)

Research into embryonic stem cells, he said, has nothing to do with science. “This was the use of science to justify desensitizing society to killing babies,” he said. If the “secular left” could have done the same research without killing embryos, they would have rejected it, he said, because their real interest was in exploiting Parkinson’s victims to promote abortions.

It was essentially an aside, and yet a breathtaking attack on science and scientists.

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Yes, stem cell research is only a front, masking the true baby-killing agenda of us secular humanist Saul Alinksy acolytes …what an asshole.

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