Anti-Science Newt Gingrich

Abyss of Intoxication
Abyss of Intoxication

Telling lies is apparently the Christian thing to do, witness how Newt Gingrich tells falsehood after falsehood, whipping up his supporters into a frenzy:

[Newt Gingrich] is always good at judging how far he can go with his crowds, and this one was clearly passionate about ending abortion. So he unpacked a series of mistruths about the subject that had the crowd of about 1,000 in the Aloma Church roaring, each more outlandish – and malign – than the last.

The judiciary, he said, is “totally out of control” and needs to be reined in. (The facts: even after three years of the Obama administration, Republican-appointed judges are a majority on the Supreme Court, the federal appeals courts, and the federal district courts.)

One of the reasons there are so many abortions in the United States, he said, is that the federal government funds Planned Parenthood. (In fact, as he knows full well, federal law already prohibits any of the $75 million or so the government gives to Planned Parenthood from being used for abortion. If he ever managed to cut off that money, it would mean an end to HIV screening, STD treatment and counseling, primarily for poor women – the real casualties of his thoughtless campaign.)

And finally, his most jaw-dropping whopper was on the subject of embryonic stem-cell research: One of the most promising avenues of treatment for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and spinal cord injuries. (Just a few days ago, there was a report that the cells seemed to be effective against macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.)

Mr. Gingrich not only told the church audience that he would eliminate all funding for this research, because it can lead to the destruction of human embryos, but he went one vicious step further. (This maneuver, where he really has an angry head of steam worked up, is well known to his regular listeners.)

Research into embryonic stem cells, he said, has nothing to do with science. “This was the use of science to justify desensitizing society to killing babies,” he said. If the “secular left” could have done the same research without killing embryos, they would have rejected it, he said, because their real interest was in exploiting Parkinson’s victims to promote abortions.

It was essentially an aside, and yet a breathtaking attack on science and scientists.

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Yes, stem cell research is only a front, masking the true baby-killing agenda of us secular humanist Saul Alinksy acolytes …what an asshole.

Saul Alinsky: who is he and why does Newt Gingrich keep mentioning him

Fist Bumps
Fist Bumps

Sadly, I wondered the same thing. All I knew about Saul Alinsky is that he was once a community organizer in Chicago…

Unless you’ve been paying close attention to the undercurrents of right-wing US politics over the last five years, you might have missed an obscure name from the 1960s who has been hoisted into a hate figure: Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky died nearly 30 years ago but thanks to a tenuous link to Barack Obama, his name has been raised as evidence of Obama’s radical roots. Newt Gingrich, the current front-runner for the Republican nomination, repeatedly denounces Obama as “a classic Saul Alinsky radical” on the campaign trail.

When Gingrich won the South Carolina primary on Saturday, his victory speech sought to distinguish what he called “American exceptionalism versus the radicalism of Saul Alinsky” of Obama.

Gingrich has merely tapped into a fulmination against Alinsky – who was what passes for a left-wing radical in American politics, agitating for better living conditions for the poor in the slums of Chicago and New York – that has been filtered through the likes of right-wing talkshow hosts such as Glenn Beck and Mark Levin.

The connection with Obama is that his career as a community organiser included work for an Alinsky-inspired group in Chicago, while a profile of Obama by Ryan Lizza in the New Republic in 2007 said Obama “taught Alinsky’s concepts and methods”:

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I should read Rules For Radicals, at least once…

In Rules for Radicals, for example, he responds to the demands by youth frustrated at the continuation of the Vietnam war by the Democratic party after the political battles and riots of 1968:

It hurt me to see the American army with bayonets advancing on American boys and girls. But the answer I gave to the young radicals seemed to me the only realistic one: “Do one of three things. One, go and find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing – but this will only swing people to the right. Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organise, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.

Much of Alinsky’s advice about to bring about change in modern political climate is now so mainstream that it would hardly be recognised as radical.

The President on the Picket Line
The President on the Picket Line

From Nicholas von Hoffman:

Dead almost forty years, Saul Alinsky is still with us. The political genius who invented community organizing is given the credit (or the blame) for such left-leaning organizations as ACORN and the United Farm Workers. Now the election of the first African-American president is often ascribed to him.

But lately it’s the rightwardly inclined who are running around with copies of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in their back pockets. During the battle for healthcare reform and its bitter aftermath, the Tea Partyers used Alinsky’s Rules as a recipe for brewing the mayhem that has won them so much attention. Alinsky has even been made recommended reading by such reactionaries as Dick Armey, who says Alinsky “was very good at what he did, but what he did was not good.”

A year and a half into President Obama’s term, Alinsky’s fame on the right continues to grow while his influence on the administration has faded. Were he around today, Alinsky in his turn might look askance at the failure to create a people’s administration, an opportunity made possible by Obama’s unique campaign organization.

Alinsky believed that the beginning of everything political was to know yourself and the terrain you were operating on. So he probably would have cautioned Obama that all the power of the presidency—its prestige, that damn bully pulpit, the helicopter and those gleaming marines saluting at every doorway—would not suffice. Obama, who had promised an enormous agenda for change, would not have the power to deliver the goods his strongest supporters were hoping for. Alinsky would have predicted that Obama could not rely on a Democratic Party whose fitful loyalties are shaped by the ravenous conflicting interests members of Congress answer to.

Without a doubt Saul, a battler himself, would have admired Obama’s battle to get the healthcare bill passed. Not since Woodrow Wilson’s national tour to win US acceptance of the League of Nations has a president fought so hard for a significant measure as did Obama. The attempt broke Wilson’s health and that, Alinsky might have said, underscores the impossibility of a president, even such an eloquent and energetic one, carrying the whole load alone. What Obama needed was Organizing for America, the once dynamic, self-starting group of street-level campaign workers that got him elected president but has degenerated into an ordinary political organization taking its marching orders from Washington.

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Why Gingrich Didn’t Get On the VA Ballot

Sanctified Mind
Sanctified Mind

As we noted, Newt Gingrich isn’t a serious candidate for the GOP nomination: he didn’t bother to follow the rules in Virginia regarding collecting signatures. For a grifter like Newt, with years and years of ethical lapses associated with his name, you’d think he’d go to the effort of following the actual law instead of relying on the wink-and-nod of the old system.

In order to understand it, you need to understand how candidates are chosen for the ballot in Virginia — namely, by collecting thousands of signatures. If a candidate runs for a slot on a party ballot (e.g. as a Republican or a Democrat), party officials are responsible for verifying the validity of the signatures, which have to meet a number of criteria. If a candidate runs as an independent, the State Board of Elections verifies the signatures.

As Winger reports, up until this year the state GOP did not verify the signatures with the diligence that you might expect. “[I]n the only other presidential primaries in which Virginia required 10,000 signatures (2000, 2004, and 2008) the signatures were not checked,” Winger writes. “Any candidate who submitted at least 10,000 raw signatures was put on the ballot.”

Put another way, Winger says Republican officials used to essentially ignore the legal requirement that signatures be verified, accepting raw signatures instead. But this year, things were different. The state GOP gave the list of signatures a close look, Winger says, which is why Gingrich and Perry (who both professed to turn in more than 10,000 signatures) didn’t make it.

(Michael) Osborne ran as an independent after he says the Republicans denied him a shot at the GOP ballot line. Then he filed a lawsuit against his local GOP in October, claiming it was unfair that he had to have his signatures verified by the state while his GOP opponent only had to get the sign off from the Republican Party. The legal action is still underway, but Winger wrote the suit led the state GOP to switch up its verification procedures (or, put a different way, start having some.)

“I blame Gingrich,” he said. “The law’s very clear. If he didn’t get the signatures and other people did…the law’s the law and it should be fairly applied to everybody.”

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Talk about voter fraud…

Gingrich, Perry disqualified from VA primary ballot

Adult Signature Not Required
Adult Signature Not Required

These jokers are also not really serious about running for the presidency, though at least they went through the motions, unlike the other grifters we mentioned yesterday.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry failed to submit enough valid signatures to qualify for the Virginia primary ballot, state GOP officials said Friday evening and early Saturday.

The Republican Party of Virginia announced early Saturday that Gingrich and Perry failed to submit 10,000 signatures of registered voters required to get their names on the ballot for the March 6 primary.

“After verification, RPV has determined that Newt Gingrich did not submit required 10k signatures and has not qualified for the VA primary,” the party announced on Twitter.

The rejection is a significant setback for the Gingrich campaign since he is leading the polls in Virginia among likely Republican voters and is seen as a strong contender for the nomination.

Perry’s campaign told state election officials it had submitted 11,911 signatures, and Gingrich’s campaign said it submitted 11,050 signatures. State party officials spent Friday night validating the signatures.

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compare and contrast to President Obama:

President Obama was the first presidential candidate to submit his signatures Dec. 2.

The Democratic Party of Virginia certified his signatures Friday. He was the only Democrat to qualify for the ballot so the State Board of Elections will cancel the primary. All Virginia delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be cast for him, said Brian Moran, party chairman.

My quick internet search didn’t yield an answer to this question: has this happened in the past? Has a party’s nomination ever been derailed because a candidate wasn’t organized to fulfill the requirements in a particular state? I’ve followed politics pretty closely my entire adult life, and can’t recall this happening before, but maybe my memory is faulty.

So, unless something changes, only Romney and Ron Paul are actually on the VA ballot. Can we stop pretending the other grifters are serious candidates now?

Even the GOP Do Not Want Newt To Win

Quietly Laughing
Quietly Laughing

Amusingly, even a large percentage of Republicans don’t want Newt Gingrich to win the GOP nomination, fearing Gingrich will be a drag on down-ticket races.

From the House that Newt Gingrich once ran through the Washington establishment to state capitals across the nation, some Republicans are going public with their concerns that Mr. Gingrich would be a weak general election candidate and a drag on the party’s fortunes if he won the presidential nomination.

“Since we don’t know how he got here, I don’t know how he can be stopped,” said Ed Rogers, a longtime Washington lobbyist and party strategist who worked for the first President George Bush.

Mr. Rogers, who has not endorsed anyone, is like many in the party who esteem Mr. Gingrich for his achievement in leading Republicans to the control of Congress in 1994, after 40 years in the House minority, but who recoil from the prospect of him at the top of the ticket given the controversy, scandal and electoral defeats that defined his four years as speaker.

Some Republicans on Capitol Hill say that Mr. Gingrich would not only lose to Mr. Obama, but that he could take other Republican candidates down, too, in a year when high unemployment has driven hopes within the party of capturing the White House and the Senate while holding control of the House.

Representative Peter T. King, a New York Republican who served in the House when Mr. Gingrich was speaker, has been an outspoken critic. “I’ve had any number of members of Congress come over to me and thank me for what I’m saying,” he said. “They say, ‘This guy is going to kill us if he gets the nomination.’ ”

Mr. Gingrich was “a disaster” as speaker and most likely would be as a nominee, Mr. King said, given his “compulsion to exaggerate,” erratically changing ideas, intellectual arrogance and the grandiosity of his self-comparisons to the likes of Winston Churchill and others.

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Bad Lip Reading Soundbite from Newt Gingrich

“NEWT GINGRICH” — a Bad Lip Reading Soundbite “Hairy chests destroy our power…”

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Running Against Gingrich

Decline and Fall of Empire
Decline and Fall of Empire

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem gleeful so much as not fearful of the Newt Gingrich train steamrolling Obama in 2012.

“I like Barney Frank’s quote the best, where he said ‘I never thought I’d live such a good life that I would see Newt Gingrich be the nominee of the Republican party,’” Pelosi said in an exclusive interview Friday. “That quote I think spoke for a lot of us.”

Pelosi didn’t go into detail about Gingrich’s past transgressions, but she tipped her hand. “One of these days we’ll have a conversation about Newt Gingrich,” Pelosi said. “I know a lot about him. I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. A thousand pages of his stuff.”

Pressed for more detail she wouldn’t go further.

“Not right here,” Pelosi joked. “When the time’s right.”

Which is to say that if Gingrich somehow clinches the nomination, there’s one hell of an oppo dump coming.

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You’d think GOP leaders would be a little nervous themselves: they know of Newt’s ethical lapses as well as anyone, having responded to them for so many years. If the GOP wasn’t in disarray, I’d doubt Romney or Gingrich would have gotten this far.

Newt Gingrich is the definition of hypocritical flip-flopper

Honey Bucket
Honey Bucket

If Newt Gingrich becomes president, I have to flee this country. I couldn’t take it.

Republicans have a far greater talent for hypocrisy than easily cowed Democrats do — and no doubt appreciate that in a leader.

Gingrich led the putsch against Democratic Speaker Jim Wright in 1988, bludgeoning him for an ethically sketchy book deal. The following year, as he moved into the House Republican leadership, he himself got in trouble for an ethically sketchy book deal.

Gingrich was part of the House Republican mob trying to impeach Bill Clinton for hiding his affair with a young government staffer, even as Newt himself was hiding his affair with a young government staffer.

Gingrich has excoriated Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for dragging the country into a financial spiral and now demands that Freddie Mac be broken up. But it turns out that he was on contract with Freddie for six years and paid $1.6 million to $1.8 million (yacht trips and Tiffany’s bling for everyone!) to help the company strategize about how to soften up critical conservatives and stay alive.

At a Republican debate in New Hampshire last month before this lucrative deal became public, Gingrich suggested that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should be put in jail. “All I’m saying is, everybody in the media who wants to go after the business community ought to start by going after the politicians who were at the heart of the sickness that is weakening this country,” he said.

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MoDo - Get a Clue
MoDo – Get a Clue

-parenthetical note, what does Dowd mean by “easily cowed Democrats?”

-second parenthetical note: Dowd writes,

Mitt Romney is a phony with gobs of hair gel.

But a couple days ago, the New York Times reported otherwise:

Mr. Romney’s is a restrained, classic look: short at the neck, neat on the sides and swept back off the forehead. “It is not something stylish,” Mr. de Magistris noted. “It is clean and conservative.”

The cut is so recognizable that men in this well-heeled suburb of Boston ask for it by name. “The Mitt,” they whisper to Mr. de Magistris from the red vinyl chairs in his upscale salon, Leon & Co., a few blocks from the sprawling home where Mr. Romney raised his family.

Mr. de Magistris, who gave Mr. Romney a $70 trim three weeks ago, agreed to share some of the secrets behind his most famous client’s coiffure in between haircuts the other day.

No, he said, Mr. Romney does not color his hair. Any such artificial enhancement, Mr. de Magistris said, “is not — what do you call it? — in his DNA.”

Despite holding its shape under all but the most extreme conditions, it is gel and mousse-free. “I don’t put any product in there,” he avowed.

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Newt Gingrich Calls Reagan Speech “Intellectual Nonsense and Stunningly Dangerous”

Ooops, Newty meant to address his remarks at Obama, but since research and The Google are not part of Republican speechwriter’s toolbox, he just looks like a misinformed fool, again.

Who Is This Slimy Creature? It's Newt!

Ronald Reagan, addressing U.N. on June 19, 1982:

I speak today as both a citizen of the United States and of the world. … My people have sent me here today to speak for them as citizens of the world, which they truly are, for we Americans are drawn from every nationality represented in this chamber today.

Newt Gingrich addressing GOP on June 8, 2009:

Let me be clear. I am not a citizen of the world! I think the entire concept is intellectual nonsense and stunningly dangerous.

[From Daily Kos: Newt Gingrich Calls Reagan Concept “Intellectual Nonsense and Stunningly Dangerous”]

I thought the self-styled Reaganites like Gingrich made love to the corpse of Reagan at every opportunity?

Gingrich scared of Pagans

Oh Newt Gingrich, please run for President in 2012, I would so love to ridicule you and your Big Ideas.

“I think this is one of the most critical moments in American history,” Gingrich said. “We are living in a period where we are surrounded by paganism.”

Gingrich, now a consultant and author, said the ties to religion in American government date to the Declaration of Independence, when Thomas Jefferson wrote that men are endowed by God with certain inalienable rights.

“I am not a citizen of the world,” said Gingrich, who was first elected to the U.S. House from Georgia in 1978 and served as speaker from 1995 to 1999. “I am a citizen of the United States because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.”

[From Huckabee, Gingrich urge political engagement in Va. Beach | | ]

If Newty wants to be surrounded by paganism, he should pay a visit to my house. While I subscribe to no religion, I have plenty of items and talismans that might make Newty wet his pants.

Who Is This Slimy Creature Its Newt

scanned from a print, mid 1990s, Wicker Park.

Caption reads:
“Who is this slimy creature?

Raised by a single mom, but wants to put other fatherless children in orphanages.

Smoked pot in college, but seeks harsher penalties for drug use.

Dodged the draft, but plans to increase military spending.

Rants about government corruption, but agreed to a $4.5 million book advance/bribe from a company under investigation by Congress.

Divorced wife number one while she was in the hospital with cancer and is a deadbeat dad, but supports “Traditional Family Values.”

It’s Newt!

A public message from Guerrilla Girls”