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Head In A Vice

I took this photo of my stairway late Friday night, decided the photo would look better with more starkly defined lines, and converted it to black and white as i stood on the landing (via Snapseed and then Hipstamatic, I believe, but perhaps only in Hipstamatic). I realize Flickr’s Explore is a computerized algorithm, yet I still am amused when the attention firehose is pointed in my direction (as of this moment, this photo has 54 Faves and 1,873 views; for comparison, this photo has  5 Faves and 161 views). I didn’t even put in a caption at the time, nor add it to any group as it was late and I was a bit inebriated when I took and processed the photo. Was it timing? Was it just happenstance? 

Don’t get me wrong, I like the photo, or else I wouldn’t have uploaded it. But what exactly is better about it than the others I’ve uploaded

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