Some Photos From Frostpocket Circa 2014

For some reason, I was exploring photos I took during a visit to Frostpocket, circa 2014. I wish it was more accessible, and friendlier for drop-in visits, because Frostpocket really is a beautiful hundred acres.

Anyway, all of these photos were processed in my digital darkroom today, but taken in September 2014.

Click to embiggen, if you wish…

Red Maple In The Rain

Red Maple In the Rain

It did rain many of the days I was there, but not hard enough to keep us inside.

Stories We've Heard So Many Times Before

Stories We’ve Heard So Many Times Before

Leaves in water is a cliché, but still fun to photograph.

Act As If You Had Never Been Away

Act As If You’ve Never Been Away

Easier said than accomplished. Especially when the wind blows your subject around and you can’t get a proper focus quickly enough.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Moss And Stone

Moss And Rock

and George’s shoe…

Wingham Classic

Wingham Classic

In Phil’s house. Presumedly wood burning, and presumedly worth something now that it is such an antique.

Birch Roots

Birch Root and Rock

I didn’t get a great photo of this but it was nonetheless impressive. Life is for the living, even birch trees attempting to get nutrients out of a rock.

One Door Will Open

One Door Will Open

The lovely colorful chaos of nature.

Mycology Test
Mycology Test

I have no idea what this fungi is, nor would I attempt to eat it, but it is aesthetically appealing.

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