Kiva Loan Number 32

Already Amateur Hour

Nezikokolima Mpirigwa Group A-mityana from Uganda

Location: Mityana, Uganda Sector:Food

Activity:Liquor Store / Off-License Loan Use:To purchase more drums to expand her alcohol brewing business

35-year-old Joyce Nannyoga is an industrious and tenacious businesswoman who has been giving a worthy account of herself in the face of financial hardships in her alcohol brewing and sales business in Mpiriggwa-Mityana. It is not such a lucrative business, as manifested by the 10,000 Kenyan shillings she gets weekly, but nonetheless, Joyce remains upbeat about her future prospects. With earnings from this business she has been able to provide meals and other necessities, though minimally, to her family. She reckons this loan will give her business a new lease of growth. This happily married mother of five has been overseeing this business for 19 years, which was started with savings from her farming business. With this loan, Joyce says she is going to buy more drums to expand her alcohol brewing business. Joyce belongs to Nezikokolima Mpirigwa group-Mityana.

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Kiva Loan Number 31

Dairon Ezequiel from Ecuador

Location: Ventanas, Ecuador

Sector:Agriculture Activity:Agriculture Loan Use:agricultural inputs and fertilizers

Dairon Ezequiel Zambrano Rivas is 24. He is in a common-law marriage and lives with his wife and child in the Ventanas Canton, Los Rios Province. He has one child. The V.R.C. Jerusalen is located in the Caimito area, belonging to the Puerto Pechiche Parish in the Pueblo Viejo Canton. This area is dedicated to short-cycle agricultural labour; the sowing of corn, rice and gandul beans. They spend much time doing this work. Darion Ezequiel works in agriculture, sowing corn, rice and gandul beans. He purchases his products in the Garcia and Lopez Markets and sells them in the Vaca Market. He is requesting this loan for the purchase of agricultural inputs and fertilizers for the cultivation of corn and rice and gandul beans. The support of this loan will help him economically to supply his needs. He confronts challenges such as plagues, diseases and the varied climate. His dream is to have good health. He enjoys playing sports. Translated from Spanish by Christine Cooper, Kiva Volunteer Dairon Ezequiel Zambrano Rivas tiene 24 años, Vive en Unión Libre, vive con la compañera y con el hijo, vive en el Cantón de Ventanas Provincia los Ríos. Tiene 1 hijos.

Los miembros de la V.R.C. JERUSALEN, se encuentra ubicada en el recinto el Caimito, perteneciente a la parroquia puerto pechiche Cantón Pueblo Viejo, esta Ventanilla se dedica labores agrícolas de ciclo corto siembra de maíz, arroz, fréjol gandul , esta actividad llevan mucho tiempo haciéndolo.

Dairon Ezequiel se dedica a la agricultura a la siembra de maíz y arroz y fréjol gandul. Compra sus productos en el Comercial García y Comercial López y vende los productos en el Comercial Vaca.

Solicita el crédito para la comprar de insumos agrícolas y fertilizantes para el cultivo de maíz y arroz y fréjol gandul. Con el apoyo del crédito le ayudaría económicamente para suplir sus necesidades. Enfrentan desafíos como las plagas y enfermedades y la variedad del clima. Su sueño es contar con buena salud.

Le gusta practicar el deporte.

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Kiva Loan Number 30

Curved Against Dusk's Incursion

Location: La Libertad, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

Sector:Food Activity:Grocery Store

Loan Use:Working capital for store

Repayment Term:20 months

To make a living, Ramonito runs a grocery store selling household items. He is from the village of Poblacion, Lalibertad. Ramonito is 40 years old, married and blessed with two school-aged children.

In 2009, Ramonito joined PMPC to gain access to financial services to help improve his living situation and ability to engage in business activities. Ramonito has successfully repaid a previous loan of 7,000 PHP from PMPC. This previous loan was used to purchase new stocks. Ramonito is requesting a new loan of 50,000 PHP, which will be used as working capital for his business. This loan will be the 4th loan taken out by Ramonito from PMPC.

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Kiva Loan Number 29

Pot O Rice

Location: Anlong Romiet Khang Cheung village, Cambodia

Loan Use:To buy rice to feed family

Repayment Term:14 months (more info) Repayment Schedule:Monthly Currency Exchange Loss:Possible Default Protection:Not Covered

Mr. Mao Den is the president of a village bank loan located in Anlong Romiet Khang Cheung village in Kandal province. He has been selected by the eighteen people who are seeking this village loan to improve their family living. The members will use their portion of the loan for their own needs.

Mr. Mao Den is a village chief who receives a low salary to support his family. His wife is a housewife who cooks delicious food for her family. Mr. Mao Den has a problem because he wants to buy rice for food for his family, but does not have enough money. He is applying for a loan to buy rice to feed his family. He is a father of two children, one is employed in a garment factory, and the other is a farm laborer and construction worker.

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Kiva Loan Number 28

 Erdenebaatar Ganbazar from Mongolia has a loan fundraising on Kiva

Location: Zavhan, Mongolia   Repayment Term: 25 months  Activity: Mobile Phones   Repayment Schedule: Monthly Loan Use: To purchase inventory.

Erdenebaatar Ganbazar is 33 years old and lives with his wife and son in Zavhan province, western Mongolia. He and his family live in a house.

Erdenebaatar works as a driver in the local police department, while his wife manages a cell phone business in their town. He and his wife started their business two years ago, and have made much progress with their business over the last year and have built a strong customer base. Erdenebaatar and his wife have gained much experience operating their business and dream of one day owning their own repair shop and cell phone store in their town. Erdenebaatar is requesting a 3,500,000 MNT loan to purchase cellphones and cellphone parts from Ereen, a border city of China, in order to increase his business sales.

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Avg Annual Income: $2,175
Currency: Mongolia Tugriks (MNT)
Exchange Rate: 1,345.0000 MNT = 1 USD

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Kiva Loan Number 26

Trio of musicians

Location: Takeo Province, Cambodia   Repayment Term: 20 months (more info) Activity: Musical Instruments   Repayment Schedule: Monthly Loan Use: buy musical instruments to rent in the village   Currency Exchange Loss: N/A

Hun Un, 52, is married and resides with her husband and three children in Takeo Province, Cambodia, an area known for Pre-Angkorean Temples. She is a deputy village chief and earns an income of $0.50 per day. Her husband is a motor-taxi driver, earning an income of about $3 per day. Un is requesting a loan of $500 to purchase musical instruments to rent when there is any special ceremony in the village. In the future, she would like to use any additional profit to repair her house. This is her second loan from CREDIT, a long-standing Kiva partner in Cambodia.

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Country: Cambodia
Avg Annual Income: $2,600
Currency: United States Dollars (USD)

Kiva loan Number 27

My 27th loan is the first that I noticed where the lender is located in Pakistan. Doesn’t mean much, just first I’ve noticed.

National Bank of Pakistan

Naseem shakil lives in the city of Riwind, in Pakistan, with her husband and two children. Both of her children attend school. Her husband has a job in the factory while she sells milk and has some buffaloes at her house. She wants to buy another buffalo because she thinks that she can increase her income by increasing the amount of milk and making more clients.

There is potential in her business because milk is the product which is used in every house and if she has more milk to sell then she can earn more money.

She is applying loan for her second loan from Asasah. Her first experience was good and she is hopeful that the results from this loan will be even better.

Note: “In this photo, Hamedi, the group member, is doing her household work and other members are helping her except Amna who is doing embroider works”.

Important Information About This Loan Asasah is the Kiva Field Partner in Pakistan that manages this loan. Though the State Bank of Pakistan has approved repayments on outstanding funds as of November 25th, 2009, it has come to Kiva’s attention that, due to the unique nature of Kiva’s model, future repayments to Kiva lenders could be subject to a case-by-case review by the State Bank of Pakistan. We want to make all Kiva lenders who are considering lending to entrepreneurs working with Asasah aware that, by lending to these entrepreneurs, they are taking on the additional risk that there may be an indefinite delay in repayments. Kiva will continue to work with Asasah on behalf of Kiva lenders to resolve any repayment issues should they arise.

Please note this Field Partner is “atypical” among Kiva’s partner base as they have not been visited by any members of Kiva’s staff. Because of on-going security concerns, due diligence and monitoring have been conducted remotely. This partner does, however, meet all of the minimum criteria for partnership with Kiva.

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Of the 27 loans I’ve made through Kiva, 15 have already been repaid, 10 are in the process of being repaid, and the delinquency rate is zero. Not bad, not bad at all.

Kiva Loan Number 24

– Vanna Phy from Cambodia is repaying a Kiva loan

Location: Ta Khmao District, Cambodia

Repayment Term: 22 months (more info)

Activity: Fishing

Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: To purchase fishing materials for her husband’s fishing business and to rent more plots of the land to grow lotus.

Mrs. Vanna Phy (shown in the photo) and her husband, Mr. Vang Pang, have been married since 1992. They have four sons. All of them are in school. The family lives along National Road number Two, about twenty kilometers north of Phnom Penh City.

Phy sells fish in the village that her husband catches. Besides fishing, the couple also grows peanuts and lotus. Phy is asking for a loan of $1,000 to purchase fishing materials for her husband’s fishing business and she will use a part of her loan to rent more plots of the land to grow lotus.

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Country: Cambodia
Avg Annual Income: $2,600
Currency: United States Dollars (USD)

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Kiva Loan Number 25

Mrs. Sokha Mul Village Bank Group from Cambodia has a loan funded through Kiva

Location: Srae Pou Village, Cambodia   Repayment Term: 14 months (more info)

Activity: Farm Supplies

Repayment Schedule: Monthly Loan Use: To buy fertilizer and gasoline.

Currency Exchange Loss: Possible       Default Protection: Not Covered

Fifteen people selected Mrs. Sokha Mul as the village bank president of their group, located in Srae Pou village in Takeo province. The group members will each use a small piece of the loan for different purposes. Mrs. Sokha Mul is 41 years old. She is a farmer who owns a one point four-hectare plot of land where she can grow rice to sell to support her family.

Now she has some problems, because her field is infertile and it is far away from an irrigation system. So to improve production, Mrs. Sokha Mul is applying for a loan to buy fertilizer and gasoline. Her husband, Mr. Vy Horm, is a mechanic at his home. She is a mother of four children, one of whom is a motorbike taxi driver, while the others are attending the local public school. Mrs. Sarat Soung is a group member, so she is presented in the picture.

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Country: Cambodia Avg Annual Income: $2,600 Currency: Cambodia Riels (KHR) Exchange Rate: 4,250.0000 KHR = 1 USD

Kiva loan number 23

– Liza Kongato Chirichir from Kenya is repaying a Kiva loan


Location: Kabarnet, Kenya

Repayment Term: 11 months (more info)

Activity: Farming   Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: To purchase farm inputs and pay school fees

Liza Chirichir is a 56-year-old lady who is married to Mr. Joseph Chirichir. They have been blessed with nine children: Hilda (26 years), Jeptui (30 years), Kimoi (28 years), Henry (26 years), Winny (24 years; in university), Edwin (22 years; in university), Robert (20 years; in university), Kipngetich (17 years; in high school) and Gideon(12 years; in primary school).

Liza is a farmer and she has been farming for eight years now. Her farming business generates a profit of Ksh 5,000 per month. She has no other sources of income. Liza’s business is situated in Timboiywo where most of her customers are residents.

Liza has obtained a loan of Ksh 80,000 from KADET. Ksh 50,000 of this loan will be used for farming and the balance will be used to pay school fees. She has never borrowed from another financial institution. If this loan boosts her business she will use the extra profit to pay school fees for her children.

Liza dreams of having a good dairy cow and she describes herself as hardworking.

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Country: Kenya Avg Annual Income: $1,445 Currency: Kenya Shillings (KES) Exchange Rate: 76.4932 KES = 1 USD


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Kiva loan number Five

Kiva – Saidu Rahim Bangura from Sierra Leone is repaying

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Repayment Term: 12 months (more info)

Activity: Pharmacy

Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: To purchase drugs

Saidu Rahim Bangura is 38 years old and owns a drug store at the centre part of town. He is married with one child and three dependents who are his wife’s sisters. He started his business with a small table in which he sells his drugs and has now rented a store. His wife usually helps in the store when he is not around hence Saidu is seeking for a loan to purchase more drugs for his store and eventually use proceeds from his business to care for his family.

Country: Sierra Leone Avg Annual Income: $903

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Kiva Loan 22

Tarumandy Poty Group from Paraguay has fully repaid a Kiva loan

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Location: Luque, Paraguay

Repayment Term: 6 months (more info)

Activity: Crafts

Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: Purchase materials for making hats

The contact responsible for starting this present committee is Sra. Hilaria Duarte, who reports to the program advisor of Fundación Paraguaya. She organized and invited her neighbors to join the Committee of Women Entrepreneurs Program.

All of them work with great hope of improving their lives. Such is the case of Sra. Rocío Carolina Lugo, who produces handmade hats. She will invest the money in the purchase of materials needed for her work such as “karanday” (a plant fiber native to Paraguay), leather, scissors, and other items. This will allow her to offer a wider variety of quality hats to her customers.

Translated from Spanish by Ronan Reodica, Kiva Volunteer

El contacto para el inicio del presente comité fue la señora Hilaria Duarte quien se informa del programa con la asesora de la Fundación Paraguaya, organizaron e invitaron a sus vecinas para formar parte del programa Comité de Mujeres Emprendedoras.

Todas trabajan con mucha de esperanza de mejorar su vida así como la señora Rocío Carolina Lugo se dedica a la artesanía en sombrero de barandal, invirtió el dinero en la compra de elementos para su trabajo ( karanday, cueri, tijeras, etc.), logrando de ese modo ofrecer mayor variedad y calidad de sombreros a su clientela.

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Country: Paraguay
Avg Annual Income: $4,555
Currency: Paraguay Guarani (PYG)
Exchange Rate: 4,665.4795 PYG = 1 USD

Kiva Loan Number 21

Nueva Generacion Iii Group from Peru has fully repaid a Kiva loan

Location: Cusco, Peru   Repayment Term: 6 months (more info)

Activity: Weaving   Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: Purchase wool, thread, elastic, buttons, and other items

The Communal Bank “Nueva Generacion III” (New Generation III) is currently in its thirteenth loan cycle and consists of twelve hardworking and enterprising individuals who view each moment as an opportunity to get ahead. Through their daily efforts, they are able to provide a better future for their children. The members of the Communal Bank live in the Province and Department of Cusco. Cusco is a city known for its archaeological sites, its Historical Center, its landscapes, and its history for being one of the most enchanting cities in the southern part of the country.

The business activities of the members include selling dry goods, snacks, groceries, food, or providing transportation services. The members indicate that the Communal Bank has participated in numerous loan cycles and that they are happy and satisfied with the loan services, savings, and training classes. One ongoing aspect of the Communal Bank that is of value is the group savings account that opens the possibility for building up assets, which is what this service provides.

Rosa is a member of the New Generation Communal Bank. She and the other members meet every 30 days at the central office of Asociación Arariwa. Rosa is 29 years old, in a common law marriage, and has three children (Liz, Sheyla, and Santos Ollantay). She wakes up very early to attend to her family, such as preparing breakfast for her children and getting them ready for school. After taking care of her household activities, she engages in her business of making woolen clothing by hand. For example, she weaves sweaters for newborn infants. Rosa has been in this business for 15 years and has done very well thanks to the effort she puts into her work. She inherited this business from her parents. Rosa needs a loan to buy balls of wool, thread, elastic, buttons, and other items.

The members, in general, are grateful for this opportunity and commit to making their payments on time.

Translated from Spanish by Ronan Reodica, Kiva Volunteer

El banco comunal “NUEVA GENERACION III”, actualmente se encuentra en el XIII ciclo y esta conformado por 12 personas trabajadoras y emprendedoras que buscan a cada momento las oportunidades para salir adelante y con su esfuerzo diario entregar un mejor futuro a sus hijos, es un banco comunal conformado por socios que viven en la distrito del Cusco la provincia del Cusco. Cusco es una cuidad que se caracteriza por su centros arqueológicos, centro histórico, sus paisajes, su historia siendo una ciudad encantadora de la Región Sur del país.

Las actividades económicas de los socios a las que se dedican son el comercio como por ejemplo, venta productos secos, venta de alimentos, venta de comestibles y venta de comida y otros brindan servicio de transportes. El banco comunal tiene varios ciclos de funcionamiento, como manifiestan las socias, se encuentran contentas y satisfechas con los servicios de crédito, ahorro y capacitación, por el tiempo de permanencia en el banco comunal un aspecto de valoración es el ahorro por la posibilidad de capitalización que les brinda este servicio.

La socia Rosa forma parte del banco comunal la “Nueva Generación” y las reuniones de los socios son cada treinta días en la oficina central de la Asociación Arariwa. Rosa tiene 29 años de edad, es conviviente y tiene tres hijos (Liz, Sheyla y Santos Ollantay), ella se levanta muy temprano para atender a su familia como por ejemplo prepara desayuno para sus hijos y los envía al colegio, después hacer sus actividades del hogar su actividad comercial es la confección de ropa de lana de forma manual como por ejemplo, ella confecciona chompas para bebes recién nacidos. Ya son 15 años que se dedica al negocio y le ha ido muy bien gracias al empeño que pone en su trabajo, ella heredó el trabajo de sus padres. Rosa requiere el préstamo para comprar ovillos de lana, hilos, elásticos, botones y muchas cosas más.

Los socios en general agradecen la oportunidad brindada y se comprometen a cumplir con el pago de sus diferentes cuotas en los plazos establecidos.

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Country: Peru Avg Annual Income: $6,715 Currency: Peru Nuevos Soles (PEN) Exchange Rate: 2.8471 PEN = 1 USD

Kiva Loan Number 20

Tante Veronica from Cameroon is repaying a Kiva loan

Location: Behind Pmi, Cameroon   Repayment Term: 20 months (more info)

Activity: Poultry   Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: To buy food for sale and chicks for raising and selling

Veronica is married to Tante Nde Mathias and they have five children. She and her entire family are living in a house with three bedrooms. Being a very hard working woman, she has encountered some expenses in the family, such as the death of family members.

She runs a poultry business and sells foodstuffs with the support of her children and her husband. She will invest the loan in buying groundnuts, palm oil, three-week-old chicks, and fowl feed. With previous loans, she succeeded in providing her community with chickens for their social activities.

This will be her third loan from GHAPE; she joined GHAPE in 2007. She has been quite successful in the past with her business due to her location in mile 11 Bambui, the quality of her food, and her reasonable prices. She has a strong customer base and is confident that she will be able to increase her sales.

The part of the profits from this loan will be used to pay the school fees of her children; the other part will be used to expand the business. Veronica does not foresee a problem with her loan repayments. She intends to start repayment in the fourth month after taking the loan.

The Grounded and Holistic Approach to People’s Empowerment (GHAPE) is a non-profit NGO based in Bamenda, Cameroon. GHAPE works towards the empowerment of the poor and poverty alleviation through a highly multi-faceted approach. Every client is trained in business management, basic health, life skills, financial management, profits and losses, and family values. Clients are also required to contribute a small amount into a personal savings account; most clients save much more than the minimum requirement. GHAPE instils a sense of family and community within its clients and staff and has developed a strong bond of trust between the organization

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Country: Cameroon
Avg Annual Income: $2,421
Currency: Communauté Financière Africaine Francs BEAC (XAF)
Exchange Rate: 453.0

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Kiva Loan Number 4

– Edith Emelda Martínez De Alvayero from El Salvador – 

Location: Ilopango, Departamento De San Salvador, El Salvador

Repayment Term: 26 months

Activity: Food Production/Sales

Repayment Schedule: Monthly

Loan Use: The purchase of corn.

Edith Emelda Martínez de Alvayero is 41 years old, resides in the Ilopango municipality, and lives with her husband and three children. She sells tortillas, which is a very profitable business in her country since tortillas are a part of the daily diet, which is why she sells so much. Edith is a very hard-working person and is dedicated to her family. She works hard daily to provide the best for her family and also to support her husband as necessary to pay for the household expenses and her children’s studies, which mean as much to Edith as to her husband. She is requesting a loan in order to purchase a greater quantity of corn so she can have more raw materials for the production of her product.

Translated from Spanish by Josh Wilcox, Kiva Volunteer

Edith Emelda Martínez de Alvayero de 41 años de edad, reside en el municipio de Ilopango, vive junto a su esposo y sus tres hijos. Ella posee una venta de tortillas, negocio el cual en este país es muy rentable por el hecho que las tortillas son parte de la dieta diaria de las personas, razón por la cual se venden mucho. Edith es una persona muy trabajadora y dedicada a su familia, la cual se esfuerza a diario por brindarles lo mejor y así mismo darle la ayuda necesaria a su esposo para solventar todos los gastos del hogar y también pagar los estudios de sus hijos, lo cual es de mucha importancia tanto para Edith como para su esposo. Ella solicita un préstamo por medio del cual pueda comprar mayor cantidad de maíz de maner

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