TSA smelling my dirty socks

TSA smelling my dirty socks, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

strange how often I get this notice. The worst part is then I wonder what exactly I did pack in my suitcase, and if anything is actually missing.

I pack my return luggage especially haphazardly, and I did hike in the Badlands, so I almost pity the TSA agent who had to wade through my sweaty undergarments to find there was exactly nothing objectionable in my luggage. Almost.

Rapid City

Made it with only minor airline problems (some faulty engine part delayed our departure by about 90 minutes). We are in one of the highest buildings in Rapid City (population 67,000), so the view is pretty extensive, even though today is raining and overcast.

Rapid City, Sep 7, 2008

[Rapid City, looking out from the Radisson Hotel at Mount Rushmore road. Found free WiFi, bonus!]

Found a Japanese restaurant, Ichiban and drank a few celebratory beers. Whoo hoo.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for clearer skies, hope to get a few photos. Actually, might be time for a brief nap prior to walking around the historic downtown. For some reason, there seem to be miniature statues at every street corner, or several. Not sure why or who the little people are, but intend to find out.