Faux Black and White in Chicago

I’m having fun emulating the use of film1 and converting photos to black and white. A few recent snapshots – weren’t strong enough on their own, and still aren’t “print” worthy, but at least they are good practice fodder. For larger versions, click image, natch.

Inescapable Rhythms
Inescapable Rhythms
The color version for reference – actually used the Kodak 25 slide film emulation, which added contrast and richer colors to the image. View On Black

Inescapable Rhythms -TRI-X 400
Inescapable Rhythms -TRI-X 400
black and white version, TRI-X 400, a film I used to use quite extensively in my Nikon N8008 35mm camera. View Large On Black

Conceptual Silence
Conceptual Silence
Blue Line platform. Kodak T-Max p3200 speed film, another I used fairly freqently. I never owned a flash for my 35mm camera, plus was more frequently in nightclubs and bars in the 90s, situations that high-speed film was useful.View On Black

Intelligentsia Barista
Intelligentsia Barista
www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/locations/view/Broadway+Coff…. More high-speed film – adds grain, and masks blurriness. Still a lame photo, actually, but not quite as bad.

Modes of Transportation Number 6832 –
Modes of Transportation Number 6832 -
T-Max P3200 added grain. I always use Alien Skin Exposure 2 in its own layer, and sometimes change the opacity to allow a little bit of color to shine through. View On Black

The Chicago Gallery 1973 – TRI-X 400
The Chicago Gallery 1973 - TRI-X 400
Union Pacific is slowly (and I mean slowly!) rebuilding this over-pass.View On Black

State of Mind – TRI-X 400
State of Mind - TRI-X 400
underneath the Loop train track (at Quincy, or nearby)View Large On Black

James H Sammons M.D Way – Agfa APX 100
James H Sammons M.D Way - Agfa APX 100
random street scene. Who the hell is James H Sammons, M.D., and why is the street named after him?

Don’t recall ever using Agfa APX 100 film before, seems very fine grained. Again, let a small percentage of the underlying color to bleed through. Subtle effect though.

CLTV Truck
CLTV Truck
May Day, 2007

forgot which filter I used, but I’m guessing Ilford Delta 3200, based on the grain.

Unitrin Building – Plus-X 125
Unitrin Building - Plus-X 125
1 East Wacker, Chicago, IL

Plus-X 125 – used lots of rolls of this film.

Public Enemies – TRI-X 400
Public Enemies - TRI-X 400
taxi in front of Chicago Cultural Center

WH Salisburn Since 1855 – Ilford HP5 400
WH Salisburn Since 1855 - Ilford HP5 400

Self Portrait Jan 2006 – toned
Self Portrait Jan 2006 - toned

toned in Alien Skin, sort of emulating the Ilford black and white film that could be color-processed like C-412 and had this brown tonality.

Empty Blue Number 2

Empty Blue Number 2
Fulton Market

More 1049 Nostalgia – TRI-X 400
More 1049 Nostalgia - TRI-X 400
biked by my old apartment: corner of Cortez and Paulina. I rented the bottom floor (unfinished death trap that it was), something like 3500 sq. feet for $780.The neighborhood was slightly different in the mid-90s, but some structures are still there.

a quickr pickr post

  1. using the Alien Skin plugin, Exposure 2 []
  2. and thus could be taken to any photo developing lab. Think it was called XP2 Super []

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  1. jeni says:

    i am moving onto 1049 n paulina tomorrow. just happened to come across your photo and thought i would reach out and say hello. best.

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