Reading Around on April 15th through April 26th

A few interesting links collected April 15th through April 26th:

  • Weird Places to Get Your Hair Done – What’s the strangest place you’ve ever done it — had a haircut, that is? Source: Flickr User swanksalot
  • Report: March was Earth’s warmest on record – Science Fair: Science and Space News – – Although a large chunk of the USA didn’t get in on the warmth in March, the rest of the world sure did. March was the warmest March ever recorded worldwide, the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) reported Thursday. NCDC records go back to 1880.
  • The massive NYT suck-up to the Tea Party | Philly | 04/14/2010 – Hey, remember back in late 2002 and early 2003, when tens of thousands of people showed up for several rallies to protest the looming war in Iraq — suggesting that maybe a pre-emptive war under false pretenses wasn’t the best use of American dollars and lives — and when the American news media was falling all over itself to get the Iraq war protesters to tell their stories, and what their movement in opposition to the president of the United States was all about? Yeah…me neither.

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