My Chicago blizzard photos

From the Chicago snow storm variously called SnOMG, Snowpocalypse 2011, Thundersnow1, Blizzard of 2011, yadda yadda. I foolheartedly went out to take some photos around midnight, and lasted about an hour. I haven’t yet processed many of my photos, but here are a few.

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Streaming. Toned in Photoshop to compensate for the color of Chicago’s street lamps.

If Memory Serves

If Memory Serves Randolph Street, before it got plowed. These firemen stopped to give this guy a push:

Keep On Pushing

Keep on Pushing After this car got stuck, it swerved a few more times and turned down Desplaines Street.

Visitors on Snowy Streets

Visitors on Snowy Streets Some other foolhardy folks strolling down Canal Street.

Underneath the Overpass

Underneath the Overpass Lake Street. I lingered here a moment to catch my breath. Hard to walk in snow that comes up to your knees – every step is a challenge.

Blizzard hype can officially commence now

Blizzard hype can officially commence now An iPhone snapshot, using Hipstamatic.

Wind Swept Snow

Wind Swept Snow An iPhone snapshot, trying to capture the fiercely blowing winds.

First Blizzard Casualty

First Blizzard Casualty The wind was blowing so hard, I couldn’t hold my iPhone still enough to focus. So blurry dead bird it is…Also notice there isn’t any snow on my balcony. Later in the evening, the wind died down a bit, and snow is now piled about two feet deep here. Also, the wind blew my barbeque grill nearly off the edge. Was able to salvage most of the parts, we’ll see if any committed suicide once spring rolls around.

Road Closed

Road Closed Wacker Drive, an iPhone snapshot.


SnOMG! The lens on my iPhone got caked in wet snow. Actually, my Nikon lens2 also got frozen, wouldn’t focus properly for a while until I put it inside my coat to thaw out.

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun-Times building on Franklin. An iPhone snapshot.

Under cover

Under cover Wacker Drive and Lake Street. Visibility was next to zero, and the wind wanted to separate me from my hats3. An iPhone snapshot.

Abandoned Cab

Abandoned Cab The radio and windshield wipers were on, but the driver was nowhere to be seen, perhaps inside calling for assistance, or taken to a hospital. According to news reports, the cab was hit by a train (tracks in the background).

  1. there was quite a lot of thunder and lightning right in the heart of the storm []
  2. an 18-200 zoom lens []
  3. yes, I was wearing two hats. But I was warm! []

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