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So the owner of this parking lot-soon-to-be-something else (a hotel or an office building most likely) refuses to shovel their sidewalk. They didn’t shovel it after the snow in January, and in fact, since it warmed up a bit, this block is now solid ice. Seriously, you can skate the length of this block of Randolph.

Looks like the owner of the pin is JHM Hotels Inc, per this article from a couple years ago:
Last year, JHM Hotels paid $4.1 million for a, 11,700-square-foot parcel at 150 N. Jefferson St. near the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago’s West Loop, where it plans to build a boutique hotel.

Maybe because they are a large corporation, the City of Chicago doesn’t want to tell them to follow the law and make the sidewalk passable.

I filed a report with the City’s 311 service on 2/6/15

Thank you for submitting your Snow – Uncleared Sidewalk service request on February 06, 2015.

no response as of yet, I still see pedestrians falling down, trying to navigate this block.

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