Burden of the Beast

Burden of the Beast

Hubbard Street, Fulton Market, West Loop.

by tiptoe

It was the first of a three part werewolf series which went up in Chicago and New York.
I’m glad to see it’s aging well.

The artist’s website has photos of some other work (that I’ve also photographed), check it out.

such as:

RIP Solve closeup


Say Goodbye

plus my sister took this photo in New York recently.

Interesting stuff, I like it.


1 thought on “Burden of the Beast

  1. chicago dyke says:

    oh, dear. those are masterpieces, aren’t they? thanks for sharing; let’s not let those get lost, shall we? i’m reading a 20c retrosp’cv and i’m reminded of the early guys, who were also considered ‘ghetto’ at their times. my new rule and question is “did they make it?” because the volume has a “b. ” and “d. ” notation after each entry and artist. i say to myself, “is the d. part after ’45?” and i look at the art and consider what that part of it meant, in the scheme/scope of things.

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